Samsung shows off the most powerful battery on the market

Date: 10 JAN 2017posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

Samsung unveiled their newest battery which can give an electric car the driving range of over 500 kilometers (310 miles) on a 20 minute charge. This will surpass all current technology on the market and is promoting new technology which will fuel the growth of the next generation of electric cars and autonomous driving. The South Korean powerhouse battery division, better known as Samsung SDI, announced the arrival of their new battery cell on Monday. The battery will be capable of offering a driving range of up to 600 kilometers (372 miles) on a full charge and will only take 20 minutes to charge to 80% which will already produce 500 kilometers in range.

"This means that only 20 minutes in the highway rest area will be enough for a battery to be charged, eliminating the range anxiety of electric vehicle drivers," Samsung SDI spokesperson announced on Monday. Samsung SDI also exhibited their brand new concept, "integrated battery module." The current electric vehicle battery consists of 12 cells which has a capacity of 2-3 kWh and in contract, their new integrated battery module has more than 24 cells with a higher capacity of 6-8 kWh, effectively more than doubling the power output of the current battery cells. However, the integrated battery module is larger in size but Samsung claims it is safer due to the advanced electro-mechanical design. This concept is expected to be adapted by the market since it offers more mobility due to its weight being lighter due to fewer components. The driving range and battery charge time will set the new benchmark for the electric vehicle industry. Tesla, which has been commonly accepted as the face of electric vehicles in North America, currently only offers a 273 kilometer (170 miles) in range on a 30 minute charge on a super charger.

Tesla produces their own batteries and has currently formed a partnership with Panasonic. The just began their latest generation battery cells at its Gigafactory in Nevada. One of the major obstacles of wide spread adoption of electric cars has been charge time and travel range. Many potential owners have a phobia of being stranded if their vehicles could not reach a charging station before their fuel runs out. If Samsung SDI's new battery does live up to its claims, it will have reached the benchmark set by gasoline. An average gasoline engine car can achieve 500 kilometers (300 miles) on one tank of gas and refueling it completely will take roughly 5-10 minutes. An extra 10 minutes of waiting time to charge for an electric car for the same travel range will not be a major deterrent. Samsung SDI will begin mass production in 2021.

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