Saudi's reforms impact country's car rental economics

Date: 5 JAN 2018posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

Only Saudi nationals will be allowed to work at car rental outlets starting March 18th this year, the statement confirmed by the spokesman of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, Khaled Abu Al-Khail. He also noted that the ministry will also provide support and assistance for the shift which includes training and qualifying staff for nationalization. They will also provide electronic training for people in targeted activities, providing technical and financial support for young people looking to invest in free entrepreneurial work, holding career forums to assist matching employers and potential employees and providing assistance in inspection in cooperation with nationalization commissions. The news of this coincides with the Kingdom allowing women to drive, as part of the new social and economic reforms in the country as it seeks to modernize. Experts believe the reforms will have a serious impact on the Kingdom's $650 billion economy. As more women are allowed to enter the work force, the trickle down effect will provide a boost in all sectors of the economy. The reforms will see certain transportation activities only limited to women, such as female teachers' commutes. Rumaih Al-Rumaih, president of the Public Transport Authority said "as soon as women are permitted to drive and start applying for driver's licenses, they will have the right to work in all related activities." He also noted "It is not a requirement that women work only driving vehciles; there are many other activities and jobs, like rental offices and others." Before the reforms, since women were not allowed to drive, the car rental sector in the Kingdom had issues maintaining staff. A lot of car rental outlets were staffed by foreigners with work visas. "Transport regulations were not introduced for men alone, but for men and women equally, and job requirements in the field of transportation are the same for both genders. Currently more than 220,000 Saudi men provide car-hailing services. Uber just recently opened a new office in Riyadh as the company looks to provide 140,000 part-time and full time jobs.

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