ICBC advises safety measures as threat of flooding in BC looms

Date: 12 MAY 2017posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

For those living in BC, the rainy weather is constant throughout the year. But with the heavy rain over the last few weeks, and with many parts of BC experiencing flooding or has a chance of flooding, ICBC has advised certain safety precautions during this season. The insurance company has advised drivers to find a safe location on high ground for the temporary storage of seasonal vehicles - snowmobiles, motor homes, trailers and RVs, since low-lying areas may be subjected to flooding. Do not store any valuable goods in your vehicle since these items are not covered by vehicle insurance.

ICBC has also listed the following precautions and safety measures for drivers in flood prone areas:

  • Floodwaters can quickly wash out roads and bridges. That's why it's important to be prepared and plan out an alternative route in case the road you want to use is closed. Check for the latest road conditions and Emergency Info BC for up-to-date flood information
  • If you find yourself on a road that's flooded or marked closed, don't continue. Turn around and use another route.
  • If you have no choice but to drive into water, driver slowly and cautiously. Watch carefully for signs of a moving current that may impact the safety of the road ahead. Respect the power of water.
  • Think about what you can't see - hazards such as submerged trees or downed power lines that may be in the water. If in doubt, don't proceed.
  • After driving through deep water, always test your brakes. They may pull to one side of the other or they may not work at all. You can dry the brakes by driving slowly and apply brake pressure lightly. Other parts such as emergency brake cables, axles and electronic components should be dried and checked by a qualified professional as soon as possible.
  • If you vehicle stalls on a flooded stretch of road, be prepared to abandon it and retreat to higher ground.
  • Don't try to retrieve vehicles from flooded areas until it's safe. Wait for the water to recede.
  • If you vehicle's engine has been partially immersed in flood water, don't try to start it. Qualified professionals should check all operating systems and fluid levels to prevent possible future problems.

ICBC's optional comprehensive or specified perils coverage provides customers with protection for vehicle damage caused by rising water. If you are placed on evacuation notice, please remember to grab all your important personal documents since as identification, birth certificate, and Canadian citizenship document. Replacing these documents are extremely difficult without proof of identification.

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