Classic showroom auto retailers could be a thing of the past

Date: 13 SEPT 2016posted by Car Rental edited by WinX

During the financial boom of Generation Y, the showroom business bloomed using the sales model of incentivising salesmen to make them responsible for maximising the bottom line. In those days, charismatic friendly salesmen were the key to survival of showrooms since consumers in past, valued customer experience as much as three times more than vehicle design, which meant a happy customer was more likely to interact with the same dealership after a purchase. Due to technological advancements, consumers now enjoy greater access to information and higher standards which cause the modern day consumer less than likely to enjoy the entire process of purchasing a vehicle. Although consumers do still favor personal car ownership over limited public transit, there is no doubt that car sharing services such as Uber is prying away consumers from auto retailers. With so many challenges ahead, showroom auto retailers could be a thing of the past.

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