Better think twice before syncing your phone

Date: 14 SEPT 2016posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

With today's technology becoming more user friendly than ever, sometimes we might have to stop and think if it is too friendly for our own good. Everything nowadays can be sync'd to our smartphones, which may contain everything from music to personal and important information about us. We may have no problem if the devices we're syncing our smartphones to belong to us, but what if we're renting the device? Here's an example, renting a car. With the modern models of cars, they have USB ports that directly sync with the computer onboard. They'll upload your music playlist and let you sync your phone calls into the vehicle itself. Sounds luxurious. But the biggest issue is now after you're done renting the vehicle. It has stored all the phone number and contacts you have made while using this vehicle. Not exactly something you want to share with the next person renting the same vehicle. So next time you plug in your USB to charge your phone in your rented vehicle, you might want to think again and use the external plug-in car charger instead. You might not have your music to listen to on your trip, but at least your information will be safe.

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