Turo Go allows users to book, unlock cars instantly

Date: 15 JUN 2018posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

Turo Go is the company's new feature which will allow their users to book and unlock cars instantly via Turo's mobile app. The company said that hosts are already sharing connected cars on the platform. The ride-sharing company already offers more than 17,000 vehicles which already offer remote access. 20 percent of Turo hosts accept car bookings within one hour, which is currently the company's minimum time option. The company claims that more than two-thirds of its trips are instantly booked.

"All cars will be connected overtime. In five to ten years cars will be connected from the factory," Turo CEO Andre Haddad. He also added that Turo is currently working directly with connected car teams at Mercedes-Benz. Haddad described the hardware of Turo Go. "This has been a big request from the host community," he said. The hardware has to be professionally installed by a shop that they have certified but will work with many makes and models and allow the car to connect to the 4G network as well as Turo's platform. Removing the need of the host to meet the user to grab the keys, the Turo Go hardware will also automatically log mileage during reservations, removing the burden from needing the hosts verifying how many miles a guest put on the vehicle. The hardware will also be able to help with accident alerts and help find the vehicle's geographical location.

The feature will launch in Fall. This new feature will add to Turo's very busy 2018. In May, Turo introduced Deluxe and Super Deluxe classes which allowed their users to rent high-class exotic cars. In April, Turo gave the option of renting hot tub boats. And last month, Turo announced the Extras feature which allowed their hosts to rent out a range of items along with the vehicle which included tents and coolers to more exotic items such as surfboards and bikes.

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