Ontario court rules against hearing-impaired driver for discovery

Date: 15 SEPT 2016posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

An Ontario court has ruled against a request from a London, England resident and Hertz Canada Limited, the firm he rented a car from in Canada, to be examined for discovery in person in Britain for an accident which occurred in Sept 2012 in Toronto, Ontario. The credibility issue on trial is whether the plaintiff, Alves, cut off the defendant, Gaughran and Hertz or was it the other way around. Gaughran and Hertz are not comfortable and unwilling to proceed with discovery by video conference because the defendant's hearing handicap may cause misunderstanding of questions posed by the counsel. The order allows a sign language interpreter to be present with Gaugran during the video conference and after completion of the examination, he will also have the benefit of not only the written transcript to verify the accuracy of his answers but also the video recording to verify the accuracy of the interpreter's work.

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