Lyft, Uber invade micromobility

Date: 16 AUG 2018posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

Scooter start ups Bird and Lime used to dominate the micromobility market in Santa Monica but Lyft and Uber received the top two ranked applications for a shared mobility pilot program. The city's planning director, David Martin, released their selection committee rankings which revealed the top ranked applicants for their Shared Mobility Program, which will allow up to four companies to operate e-bike and e-scooters in Santa Monica. The selection committee rankings were transparent and the 18 applications from 13 operators were scored based on seven categories with a maximum of 50 points per category for a total of 350 points possible.

The applications were rated by:

  • 1. Experience
  • 2. Operations
  • 3. Ability to Launch
  • 4. Public Education
  • 5. Compliance
  • 6. Financial & Insurance
  • 7. Parking & Safety

Lyft scored first for both scooter (312 total score) and bike (316 total score) categories and Uber-owned Jump scored second in both categories with scooter (307 total score) and bike (313 total score). Bird and Lime were both disappointed in the selection committee rankings. Lime Bike ranking 4th out of 7 in the bike category with 242 total score, their scooter rating also 4th but out of 12 also with 242 total score and Bird Scooter ranking 10th with 220 total score.

Lime CEO Toby Su released a statement, "as the most experienced shared bike and scooter company in the United States, we are disappointed by the current proposa." Both companies temporarily deactivated their scooter service in Santa Monica in protest dubbed "A Day without a Scooter," in an attempt to encourage riders to rally at City Hall. The Los Angeles region is currently seeing a flood of scooters. Some areas have completely banned them and other regions have launched similar regulated share programs which limit the amount of operators.

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