Newest Luxury Vehicles now boast clean fuel technology

Date: 16 SEPT 2016posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

Clean fuel technology was once associated with low costs, minimalize carbon foot print and economical. The image of using clean fuel once clashed with luxury. Consumers felt clean fuel cars cannot be associated with luxury for luxury intertwines with the words excessive and extravagance. BMW has now challenged that status quo by releasing luxurious models of hybrid and electric cars. The growing emergence of these cars on the streets can show that being energy efficient can also be luxurious. There may be consumers that are conflicted. It is recommended that you actually rent one of these models for a week instead of just testing driving it for 10 minutes to get a full scope of its technology. For you to sense if it is fuel efficient enough for you, and does the luxury match up to your expectations.

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