Dash Cams, Why are they so popular

Date: 17 FEB 2017posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

So first off, what is a dash cam? Dash cams are small video cameras that can be mounted to your car's dashboard or windshield that can record what is happening in front of your car. The newer and more expensive models may offer a more wider range of view and may even record sound. Even even motorcyclists using go-pros on their helmets are considered dash cams. You see it on the internet all the time, dash cam videos of what could have been a potentially devastating accident or people doing acts of kindness on a busy road and everything in between the two. But the amount of footage has been growing at a steadily pace so that can only mean one thing, more and more people are using dash cams. But why do people use dash cams?

One thing only, evidence. Hard evidence. People are not using dash cams just so they can find Good Samaritans, they are using it to protect themselves. With all sorts of people other there, some times honesty may be a hard trait to find after an accident. After getting into an accident, without any proper evidence, it just becomes their word versus yours. And some times the wreckage after the accident itself may reveal which person was truly at fault but at the same time it may not. You might end up sharing fault, 50/50 liability the insurance companies end up deciding on, you end up being forced to pay your deductible and now your premium goes up, all because the other driver may have a different perspective of how the accident happened (whether it may be true or not). But nothing protects you more than a dash cam. Instead of your word vs theirs, it becomes your video proof that the other driver was speeding, making illegal lane changes, brake checking you and so forth.

And while there are a very select few insurance companies that offer discount on premiums for dash-cam owners, the video evidence is already a good return on investment. A typical model can be as low as $50, but can exceed $200 on the higher end. But when it comes down to saving you your $500-$1000 deductible, it is a worthy investment. Dash cam footage is often accepted by insurance companies, just like how they accept photos of the scene with a cell phone camera, and it is more credible than witness accounts when it comes to determining liability for the insurance companies. The benefits of a dash cam doesn't end there. Dash cams can protect park cars against vandalism and theft. There are models equipped with impact senors and 360 degree field of vision which will activate and catch vandalism and theft in action should the vehicle come into contact of any sort of blunt force. So, if you do decide that you want a dash cam while you're on the road or the feeling knowing your car is safe parked on the street, make sure you purchase one prioritizing quality of footage. Having clear footage is as important as having the dash cam itself. There's no point in having a dash cam if the footage is blurry and doesn't prove anything.

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