Hertz exposes Fraudsters

Date: 18 JUL 2018posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

An Irish court has ordered two Lithuanian men pay over €23,000 ($26,000) to Hertz Rent-a-Car to compensate for the expenses the car rental company had invested in tracking the pair. Judge Patrick Quinn presided in Circuit Civil Court to hear the private detectives, which formed part of an external and internal investigation probe by Hertz in order to prove the two Lithuanian men were a part of a €180,000 ($210,000) fraud scheme. The judge ruled the court had no difficulty in accepting Rainmaldas Vaswitis and Vladimiras Zubko had indeed rented a vehicle from Hertz to facilitate the fraud.

Martin Fitzgerald, counsel for Hertz, told the court that Vaswitis had rented a Ford Fiesta at Hertz's Dublin Airport location in February 2015 and had included Zubko as an additional driver, so they could "crash" it into another car in a staged accident. Counsel continues that the Fiesta had collided with a Honda Civic at Holywell, a neighborhood near Swords, Dublin, the day after the vehicle was rented. Although limited impact had occurred, the three occupants in the Honda, which so happen to be Lithuanian also, each brought separate €60,000 ($70.000) personal injury claims which totaled €180,000 ($210,000). After learning that fraud was uncovered, the trio, Audrius Stelmokas, Julius Zivelis and Deividas Kaciukas withdrew the personal injury claims.

After weeks of surveillance, a private investigator told the court they had uncovered enough evidence that all five men involved in the set-up accident were all acquainted despite denying they knew each other before the staged accident. Fitzgerald also said judgement had been obtained against the duo that had rented the vehicle on the basis they had failed to appear in court after multiple summons. Judge Quinn granted a decree for the amount of €23,390, the money Hertz had spend on the probe, against the two men and said he had no difficulty in accepting proof of the fraud. He also congratulated the investigation team on the work they had put into unraveling the fraudulent claims and exposing the two facilitators. Fitzgerald told the court that €1500 has already been recovered by Hertz against the credit card of Vaswitis for repairs towards the Fiesta. Vaswitis has yet to to speak out against the extra charges on his credit card.

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