250,000 within Three Months

Date: 18 OCT 2016posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

Avis Car Rental announced this week that its mobile app has gained over 250,000 members, all within three months of launch. Their new mobile app puts unprecedented control of the car rental experience in the customers' hands through its Avis Now features and has already logged over 100,000 rental transactions. This personalized, yet hassle-free app is now available at nearly 60 locations across the US with plans to expand into their international markets in the upcoming months. The app is designed with the whole rental process to be done without any customer service representative or any agents. This method is targeted to users who want the whole process to be done swiftly and allows them to feel like they are in complete control. Avis Now allows members to choose the exact car they want, confirm, change or cancel reservations, extend rentals, view rental agreements at any time and return the car all via the app. Avis Now is doing a great deal for Avis' shareholders as the program is outperforming their original expectations for downloads and usage, and producing satisfaction scores that set a new high-water mark. Avis Now was created with customers' input throughout the developmental process and has shown its success with the method. Avis Now is also compatible with all vehicles in the Avis fleet, including 40,000 connected cars that enable further enhancements to the rental experience such as smartphone-controlled door locking and unlocking, and headlight flashing for easier car location which is surely to impress anyone. With all this new technology, Avis Now users will surely feel they are truly at the pinnacle of car rentals.

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