What is Maven?

Date: 18 OCT 2016posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

Maven is a car-sharing service that is quickly growing in the US. As of this week, it now operates in nine markets - Ann Arbor, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Washington, New York City and now San Francisco since its launch at the beginning of 2016. So how does Maven stack up against its rivals such as Zipcar? Well, Maven is GM owned and organized as a GM subsidiary. This mutually benefits both companies as Maven relies solely on GM vehicles, pays for their upkeep and GM gets the revenue from the vehicles as well as the profits from Maven's business model. The purpose of Maven is to expose the extremely profitable urban car-sharing market to GM vehicles and their technology. The theory is to expose their product into a market which may lead their users to buying their vehicles when they are financially able to or when they change their fast paced urban lifestyle into a car-reliance suburban lifestyle. The most notable benefit of Maven is GM's unique OnStar infrastructure which allows a more sophisticated and streamlined experience than their competitors. Maven's members can use their smartphones to unlock the vehicles and use OnStar to help find a destination or extend the length of a reservation while driving. For shareholders, it's good news. GM and Maven is an extremely aggressive method to push their products onto a newly competitive market. With so many competitors and the future of automobiles uncertain, GM has certainly put themselves in an advantageous position to expand and take over as much as of the market as possible.

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