Atlas Choice goes to Administration

Date: 19 JAN 2017posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

Car rental booking agency Atlas Choice has gone into administration. By going into administration effectively means the company has been taken under the management of a court appointed administrator, creditors or company directors. This comes a month after it was revealed that hundreds of their customers had their bookings cancelled. Deloitte has confirmed they have been appointed administrator of the agency. Atlas Choice acted as a global car rental agency, connecting customers travelling abroad to one of the company's partner firms which includes Avis and Hertz. Customers reported last month had trouble getting their reserved rental vehicle during the holiday season. Many travelers were stranded at airports since their reservations were either cancelled or they had to pay a second time before they got their rental vehicle. Several of Atlas Choice's partner firms confirmed they asked customers to pay a second time because they haven't received payments from the agency themselves.

Customers who recently had made bookings with Atlas Choice are recommended to check with the agency's partner firms to see if their booking still stands. Anyone who made a booking through the agency should check to see which car rental agency actually has their reservation. Avis has announced "Avis Budget Group will honor all reservations made via Atlas Choice." They continued "Customers who have booked with Atlas Choice will be required to pay for the vehicle at the Avis or Budget desk upon collection - we advise all customers to contact their credit card providers and arrange for any money paid to Atlas Choice to be reimbursed."

A spokesperson for Deloitte said "[We] will make every effort to ensure that members of the public who have hired cars in advance are fully appraised of the situation and their rights and will be reporting to creditors at the earliest opportunity." Many people are reporting difficulties claiming any sort of refund back on their credit card. This is because credit card companies have request a letter of liquidation - proving that the company has gone bankrupt - which makes it difficult to obtain or the booking was "consumed" more than 120 days ago. Atlas Choice had been recently expanding into the European, Australian and American markets, with its presence most felt in the UK and Germany. Deloitte has announced the company has ceased trading operations but they are seeking buyers for the intellectual property, business and assets.

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