Always check your credit card before renting a car

Date: 19 SEPT 2016posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

The rental car industry has flourished since there has never been a significant decline for their services. All services offer a wide range of selection of cars at low prices, but what can significantly add up is the insurance they offer. Luckily, many credit cards offer many benefits which include car rental and insurance for car rentals. But before you decline all the insurances, make sure you know what your credit card offers and the risks and benefits of the insurances offered. It is very important to study the city you are going to being renting a car from. For example, I lived in Calgary before, and because of the weather drastically changes throughout the year from really hot summers to freezing cold winters, the roads are littered with rocks from the pavement deteriorating or the roads to be conditioned for winter weather. Windshield insurance is very common there and all year round it is a good idea to get windshield insurance whereas in cities like Vancouver where I currently reside in, the temperature is temperate all year round, and windshield insurance is pointless.

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