Why Tesla is going to win the driverless-car race

Date: 19 SEPT 2016posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

CEO Elon Musk is famous for being a visionary. One of his visions is the driverless-car and although he is not the one to come up with the concept of it, he is one of the few competitors in the race. The race to perfect the controversial auto pilot, pricing and fleet vs ownership are very important issues. The last decade, the auto world has been all about electric cars and Tesla has been at its forefront. But now it is about driverless-cars and while Tesla is still involved in that scene, there is very real competition. However, the reason why Tesla will win the race is noticeable in its longevity and experience. Aside from the energy storage and solar energy is Tesla is a high-tech electric car maker that's adding real-world partial self-driving to its vehicles whereas everyone else is just getting started. If fully autonomous driving ends up being too technically demanding to achieve in a normal business time frame, Tesla can stabilize in a hybrid-driving/self-driving landscape and continue with incremental improvements as the electric car market expands.

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