The Sharing Economy

Date: 19 SEPT 2016posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

The success of the new sharing economy has been made successful through the use of the internet. Carpooling is an example of the large-scale sharing of private goods which has been renovated. Most private car owners have an excess on the immediate needs of the vehicle and it remains mostly idle most of the time. Meaning the potential economic value of the vehicle is not utilized at all. And in the past carpooling was between neighbors or office colleagues who both used to go to the same office and come back the same route or along the way. With ride sharing apps such as Uber, the potential economic value of the vehicle has been utilized. When the vehicle owner has no longer personal use of the vehicle, they now have an option of creating income on their investment through ride sharing. And there is absolutely no commitment from the owner to work full time or part time. According to Uber, it provided 140 million car rides in 53 countries and more than 250 cities in 2013 without owning any cars or employing any full-time drivers. With new technology emerging every day the sharing economy will be a part of the new growth which will replace the way we did things in the past.

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