Enterprise alerted More than 7900 Local Government Offices about fines

Date: 20 JAN 2018posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

In an effort to address outstanding fines, parking and toll violations by their car rental customers, Enterprise Holdings Inc. decided to provide its contact and processing information to more than 7900 local governments within the United States and Canada. Their goal is to reduce the backlog of unpaid tickets and the trouble of collection. The major influx of unpaid tolls and fines is due to the addition of more bridges and tunnels turning towards cashless pay tollways. Enterprise Holdings Inc., which operates Alamo Rent A Car, National Car Rental and Enterprise Rent-A-Car brands has sent out annual reminders, attached with the company's contact information directed to government officials to deliver notice of any outstanding tickets and fines to the company's "shared services" administrative centers in Tulsa and Toronto.

"Critical taxpayer services are negatively impacted when there is a delay in collecting fines from traffic, parking and toll violations," said Russ Willey, senior vice president of North American operations for Enterprise Holdings. "We work to streamline the flow of information and give local officials the ability to work directly with those who have outstanding fines to ensure that local governments receive payment in a timely manner." Enterprise Holdings whenever possible transfer information about violations to the proper government officials. However, laws differ between countries, and across each state or province and even some municipalities. Some areas allow car rental companies to transfer liability to those responsible for the traffic fine while other locations require the car rental company to pay the violations on behalf of their customers. In the locations where car rental companies are required to pay the violations on behalf of the customer, Enterprise Holdings works directly with local authorities to manage the payment process and recover its administrative costs through a fee from each person paying for a violation. This method allows the renter's contact information to remain secured and that it will not affect the person's driving record nor insurance rates.

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