Technology the reason why insurance rates are up

Date: 21 MAR 2017posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

Have you ever wondered why your auto insurance rates keep going up even though you're a good driver and haven't had an accident in between the last time you renewed your insurance? One of major reasons for the rise in cost is distracted driving.

In Ontario, Canada, the the provincial police report auto collision deaths caused by distracted driving continue to outpace those due to speed, alcohol or drugs and non-use of seat belts this year. The police officers on the province laid out more than 2400 distraction-related charges during their awareness campaign which ran from March 13th till the 19th. In Massachusetts, experts are expecting insurance rates to increase an average of 3 to 6 percent during the 2017 year, with distracted driving being the major reason of concern. Chris Goetcheus, spokesman for the Division of Insurance, "I would characterize distracted driving as a big factor... It's resulting in more accidents out on the road."

A report issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has linked distracted driving as the cause for traffic fatalities was up by 8.8 percent in 2015. The same year saw the total of US roadway deaths rise by 7.2 percent, the largest increase in roughly 50 years. The correlation between the two may not be a coincidence. With more accidents on the road, even those who have caused no accidents themselves will see a minor raise in the insurance rate. But just blaming distracted driving for the increase of insurance rates is premature. The rising costs of repairs are on the rise too. The cost of repairs continue to climb as manufacturers fit their cars with more advanced safety technology and more expensive materials such as aluminum. Distracted driving may become a thing of the past when the technology for driver assistance is fully mature. While some of the major companies are working on autonomous driving, it may still take another decade before not only the technology but the laws surrounding autonomous driving is mature. But until the day comes, everyone must do their due diligence and prevent distracted driving from being the number one cause of death on the roadways.

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