Reading the Fine Print in Car Rentals

Date: 21 SEPT 2016posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

Victor Vance and his friend Teresa Flores decided to go travel and explore South Africa for a trip of a life time. They decided to rent from Hertz since it was a well-established company in the US. After paying for the maximum coverage he could buy and accept Hertz' collision damage, theft and super waivers the impossible happened. An accident occurred when they were travelling on a two lane highway and a vehicle was trying to pass a line of cars coming in towards them. While he tried to avoid the head on collision, he ended up fishtailing and almost went onto oncoming traffic and ended up in a drainage ditch. When a tow truck finally arrived, Vance says he asked if they were from Hertz and when they said "yes" he signed the car to them. Hertz refused them another car, but he they found another way to continue their travels. When he returned him, Vance noticed a series of unexplained charges - on his credit card, all from Hertz. Turns out the towing company that showed up at the scene was not authorized by Hertz to take the car nor were the waivers liable to cover the damage since there was no physical contact with another vehicle. Hertz South Africa ended up issuing a credit for $1000 - for the towing fees and additional days Vance was charged while the vehicle was in storage. This just goes to show how important it is to read the fine print.

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