Turning your smartphone into secure car key

Date: 21 SEPT 2016posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

Gemalto and Valeo has partnered up to create a virtual car key system called Valeo InBlue. With InBlue, drivers can now use their smartphone or connected watch to lock, unlock and start their car, control applications and remotely access useful vehicle data using Bluetooth. The new technology is based on an on-board equipment, connected to a Smartphone Development Kit hosting a secured virtual car key provided by the Valeo cloud-based platform. Valeo InBlue is compatible with Andriod or IOS based smartphones on any mobile network, giving them easy to implement solution which makes it deployable in any market. With this new technology, authorized users can remotely register new connected devices for use with a vehicle and receive vehicle information such as car location and fuel level, enabling easier secured car sharing and simplifying rentals.

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