Social Media recovers stolen car

Date: 23 SEPT 2016posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

Jennifer Allen woke up to a car owner's nightmare. Her BMW had been stolen overnight along with her purse, her laptop and her husband's work briefcase. Immediately notifying the police about the theft, she turned to social media at around 10:30am. The post was shared and circulated hundreds of time and by noon; it reached Barb Copley in time for her lunch break. At a gas station she spotted the missing BMW and immediately called the police. The police located the stolen car with a helicopter. Jennifer Allen hopes to buy the Good Samaritan lunch since she used her lunch break to chase down the vehicle. "It was absolutely incredible, the outpour of support that I got, and that's the reason that I got our vehicle back." She said. Not only did a total stranger track down her missing car but another social media user also offered to help cover the cost of a car rental for her.

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