Avis lends a hand to Greece wildfire victims

Date: 24 JUL 2018posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

Avis has offered to lend their support to victims of the wildfires in Greece, for as long as necessary. The wildfire started when a blaze broke out on Mount Pentelikon, a famous tourist destination famed for its pure white marble and pine forests. With the hot weather, the blaze turned into a massive wildfire that raced through the mountains of Greece and laid waste to everything in its path. People were not warned to evacuate, nor was there any directions from the government. No paths the sea were clearly marked. The fire lead to hurricane-force gusts of wind. The combination lead to chaos.

And while 39 firefighting vehicles and four water-dumping aircrafts were deployed, it took less than 90 minutes for everything to be wiped out. The death toll has reached 87 and many still missing. Greece's opposition accused the government of failing to protect lives. Public Order Minister Nikos Toskas said satellite image analysis and ground inspections provided "serious indications" that the wildfire broke out simultaneously within a short time frame which may lead to suspicion of arson.

Avis has already supplied trucks to the Scouts of Greece to transport donations to the affected areas. They have also lent a fleet to the Municipality of Marathon to transport people and essential supplies. Avis employees even set up a volunteer team that will offer assistance to the fire affected areas in cooperation with authorities and voluntary organizations. The car rental company has even gone as far as making a financial donation to cover the needs of organizations that are supporting the wildfire victims. Avis released a statement, "during these tragic moments for our country, our thoughts lie with our fellow citizens who have been hit by the fires. With deep sadness and much care, we at Avis remain on hand to offer our help whenever and wherever it is needed."

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