MyTripCar the new car rental start up

Date: 25 AUG 2017posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

The car rental industry is plagued with scams and price gouging tactics, it has become such an unpleasant experience that a startup is making headlines trying to change the status quo. European startup, MyTripCar launched in 2015 in Spain and the company plans on taking the multi billion car rental industry. The company headquarters in Alicante now has over 20 staff members. Marketing lead Giles Bones says "people often find they are held to ransom by car rental companies. They are screwing up people's holidays."

Many people experience car rentals with hidden fees, being forced to buy unnecessary insurance months after the holiday. And the companies make it extremely difficult to recover the cost or reveal the reasons why and many people just end up rather just paying for it than deal with it any longer. These practices are what caused the founders to start up the company. MyTripCar wants to be as transparent as possible, with a simple website that shows all their customers what all their costs will be from the start, with no hidden fees. "There are so many scams and abuse tactics out there. Other comparison sites end up costing a lot. They push their own insurance and try to see you extras. There's little information and no transparency," Bones continues.

The start up company will not sell any insurance. They also include a queue time so customers know how long they will wait to pick up their vehicle. The company has already raised 1.6 million euros from two funding rounds. It currently operates in over 40 countries, spanning over 1600 locations. The company has their sights set on expanding beyond Europe and into Australia and the United States soon. MyTripCar only sells official insurance through approved car providers which include the largest companies such as Enterprise, Sixt, Hertz and Thrifty.

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