Quebec electric car regulations sparks fear for manufacturers

Date: 25 JAN 2017posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

A recently passed bill in Quebec has auto manufacturers expressing their concerns that it may be difficult to comply to sell a minimum amount of electric, plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles. The bill requires that starting in 2018 model year, 3.5 per cent of all auto sales in the province must be one of those variety of vehicles. And by 2025, the percentage is to rise to 15.5. And while many provinces in Canada have electric car friendly regulations, Quebec is the first to adopt such legislation. Auto manufacturers that do not meet the threshold will have to purchase credits from other manufacturers that do. However, they can build credits from sales of 2014 to 2017 model years to help meet government mandate which the law allows for.

However, at this moment, it is unclear what kind of punishment or fine they would face should they violate the law as the legislation that would define that have not been released yet. "It's very aggressive," said David Adams, president of the Global Automakers of Canada, "It's going to be a real challenge to see how we're going to find a path to get there." Adams also stated he felt the legislation should be delayed, citing that the auto industry should be recognized for their efforts to cut emissions through the development of hybrid vehicles as well as fuel efficiency improvements to their non-electric fleet.

He felt that some auto manufacturers will have to simply reduce the supply of non-electric vehicles on their show lots in order to abide by the new law, but doing so would in turn hurt sales. While the push for electric cars is deemed necessary to cut down on emissions, they still only account for less than one per cent in overall new auto sales in Quebec while the national average is much closer to 0.5 per cent. Many auto manufacturers still have a long ways to go in order to compete in the electric car market since it has been dominated by Tesla. Ford is planning to introduce an additional 13 electric or hybrid models by 2020. Currently across the country, Ontario offers up to $14,000 in rebates for the purchase of an electric vehicle, while Quebec offers up to $8000 and BC provides up to $5000.

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