Snowfall warning as accidents pile up once every hour in Richmond

Date: 26 FEB 2018posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

The Richmond RCMP has reported almost one crash per hour in the last 24 hours due to poor road conditions and inattentive driving. With just three centimeters of snow, Cpl. Dennis Hwang said the police had attended to 22 collisions by 7 am. "Whenever we get a snowmageddon type event [crashes] happen. But this is substantial. Roads have perhaps not received adequate salting and that's contributed to it," said Hwang. He also reported officers were busy all night attending to the crashes and in which one incident one officer was injured in a police vehicle.

The snowfall has just begun in the lower mainland and is expected to continue for the next few days. Cold weather could see the roads turn into an icy environment causing even more accidents. Up to 15 centimeters of snow is expected by Saturday morning. Richmond residents have voiced their concerns regarding the lack of salting on the roads. The local News has also observed similar conditions this morning on Steveston Highway and No. 3 Road. Hwang said drivers are not changing their driving habits.

"You cannot drive like its dry conditions in this type of weather," said Hwang. He also added it also not uncommon to find vehicles still with summer tires on involved in these snow related accidents. "Some people may be driving without winter tires. We look at that when we investigate" crashes, continued Hwang. The City of Richmond has issued a statement that the crews will continue to work throughout the night to combat the icy road conditions. City spokesperson Linea Volkering admitted how fast the conditions worsened caught the crews off guard. "A sudden drop in temperature that occurred within 40 minutes in the evening and caused significant freezing which was not forecasted by any agency. Staff monitoring conditions called in six trucks and three brine at 6 pm. Five more were called in at 8pm as conditions were not changing," said Volkering.

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