A Speed Bump for Autonomous Driving - Car Washes

Date: 26 OCT 2016posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

Fully autonomous driving is the future most car makers are moving towards. There are many features that provide semi-autonomous driving and a glimpse of that future such as self-parking, keeping the vehicle centered between highway lanes and auto-braking systems. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety determined from 2016 police data that forward collision warning alone reduced front-into rear crashes by 27 percent while automatic braking cut the rear crashes in half and reduced injures by almost 60 percent. Unfortunately, that is also providing a minor inconvenience for vehicle owners with auto-braking systems and it shows how far from perfection fully autonomous driving is. That inconvenience is car washes. According to the car-shopping site BestRide.com, motorists driving 14 different vehicle brands found their vehicles rendered virtually immobilized at many automated car washes unless the auto-braking system was disabled. The reason being is the forward sensors cannot tell the difference between a solid object and the mist curtain in automated car washes. Many wash operators report vehicles being stuck in mid wash by their vehicle's auto braking system, ironically to prevent them from a crash.

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