Myles and the car rental economy

Date: 26 SEPT 2016posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

Myles is newest boom in the car rental economy in India. CEO Sakshi Vij operates India's largest self-drive mobility service company. Myles focuses on being a technology platform that connects the fleet operator with a car user. The fact that a fleet operator can utilize a car up to 60-80% of the time ensures that they can monetize this asset. The reason why Myles is so successful is because they try to develop an alternate ecosystem to car ownership. With a few clicks on the internet, someone can drive away a car of their choice for a price as low as Rs. 50/hr. This being a fraction of the cost of actually owning a car. Myles allows people who own a car to list it for rental on the Myles app or website. Myles has seen a steady growth in the last few months, when it started with 14 cars and 3 locations has grown to over 1200+ cars and 250+ locations.

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