Car sharing to finance Tesla Model S

Date: 27 SEPT 2016posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

The Tesla Model S is definitely priced in the high-end with a starting price of $66,000 but it has been known to attract customers willing to stretch their budget in order to be a part of the electric car revolution. With the current age technology and car sharing methods becoming the new norm, a lot of Tesla owners are now putting their vehicles in a part of car sharing services. Quartz released some data showing that some of their users are Model S owners and they are actually able to cover their monthly Tesla payment through their monthly rental revenue. The success rate could be dependent on location, since some people will probably want to rent a car in the bigger cities while it may not be common in the suburbs. It is not clear how it can affect warranty and insurance coverage, but the model S has been a popular vehicle with taxis since Tesla's 8-year and unlimited miles warranty for the powertrain is valid for commercial use.

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