Europcar faces major police probe

Date: 28 JUL 2017posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

Europcar is one of Europe's largest car rental companies, but they are facing a major investigation over fraudulent repair costs. The UK Trading Standards officers launched an investigation after they received a complaint about the French car rental company. The Serious Fraud Office is also planning to launch their own criminal inquiry into the accusations. A spokesperson from the company has released the follow statement: "Following the recent commencement of an investigation, last June 23rd, by UK Trading Standards into repair costs levied by the Europcar UK, the company is undertaking a thorough investigation and Europcar UK is fully cooperating with the authorities."

"Europcar's view is that the implications of the investigation will be somewhere in the region of £30 million." This scandal is estimated to have affected around 500,000 customers over the past decade. The company, whose shares fell 2.5 percent on Monday, said they have no further comments to make. Investigations exposed potential fraudulent repair charges hiked up to three to four times for a routine repair.

The current figures suggest an average compensation payment of up to £60 for every customer that has been overcharged in the duration of this scandal. From the company's website, it claims they charge an administration fee of £40 for each repair, plus up to £25 for a replacement wiper blade and up to £350 for a tire. The car rental market in the United Kingdom have been facing a recent string of scandals revolving around repair costs. It was revealed recently that people renting vehicles abroad could face up to £2000 due to excess charges being hiked up. Other investigations found the average excess is now over £1000 for a holiday car rental and will apply even if the customer is not at fault. Customers from the United Kingdom renting vehicles in Europe have been hit with a mysterious charge since the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU.

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