Tesloop Autopilot car rentals

Date: 29 MAY 2018posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

Founded in July 2015 by then 16 year old Haydn Sonnad, Tesloop offers shared rides between cities in Tesla's all-electric, semi-autonomous vehicles. While the company is not officially affiliated with Tesla, Sonnad said his group has a "positive relationship" with the iconic auto maker. Since the all electric Teslas require charging downtime, just like a tradition vehicle requires to refuel gas, Tesloop operates based on fixed routes between cities, with pick up and drop off destinations near charging stations. Currently their routes expand from Los Angles to Palm Springs, LA to San Diego, and Palm Springs to Las Vegas.

Starting at $29 a seat, the service competes with one-way plane tickets which average around $90 from LA to Las Vegas and Greyhound buses which offer very limited space. Tesloop is appealing to anyone who is looking for a sustainable, affordable transportation option, said Sonnad. The service allows travelers to be shuttled between set locations set by Tesloop drivers, or known as "Pilots." The service also includes drinks and snacks stocked and they can also take advantage of free Wi-Fi, phone charging, heated seats, music and neck pillows. However, the main feature of the ride is Tesla's autopilot feature, which Pilots activate as soon as they're on the highway. The autopilot feature is activated for the majority of the trip, which helps create a stress-free and safer journey. Tesloop currently operates a fleet of nine Model Xs, two Model 3s and one Model S.

Tesloop also offers another service called "cruiser" which allows a person to rent the Tesla vehicle to themselves. With this option, customers can bring their friends and family along on the trip for no extra cost. Since there are no Pilots on the trip, the customers are given a pre-trip orientation, which includes explanation of the vehicles features and how to operate it. While using the cruiser option, travelers have a set time limit to travel between cities which is roughly four hours. However, customers that go past the time limit due to factors such as traffic are not penalized. Sonnad estimates his service has given roughly 25,000 rides so far.

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