Tesla Hints Tesla Network

Date: 2 NOV 2016posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

At the event announcing their new autopilot software, version 7.0, Tesla reps hinted at the future for a Tesla-run ride sharing program - the Tesla Network. Tesla's release of Autopilot was released earlier this month at an event that the Tesla team promised would share their progress and developments for the company. The company also announced that all their vehicles will be fully autonomous capable - although the software for that has yet to be completed. The time line for the release of fully autonomous driving will be dependent of regulations and legislation.

With fully autonomous vehicles, the Tesla Network would be able to operate. A ride-hailing service where there is absolutely no need for interaction with strangers - albeit small talk or just the potential of danger. They hinted of the Tesla Network - telling drivers that ride-sharing between family and friends is permissible but for the purpose of revenue purposes it is only allowed on the Tesla Network.

The idea of Tesla Network will help lead towards the goal of ending private car ownership. To the extent where it will reshape the transportation network. No more using public transit with complete strangers who may have disgusting public habits, no more dealing with strangers - and all the time to do as one wishes. Catch up on reading, watch a show, do some work, all of this without the disruption of being in public.

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