#DeleteUber another SJW over-reaction

Date: 30 JAN 2017posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

So how did #DeleteUber become a trend?

It started on Friday, when President-elect Donald Trump issued an executive order immigration and travel ban from seven countries. The executive order which is effective immediately but only has a duration of 90 days, will bar all people coming from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen or 218 million people effectively according to 2015 data published by the World Bank, from entering the United States. The list of countries were already in a 2016 law concerning immigration visas as "countries of concern." Protests erupted immediately. Many powerful world leaders across the political spectrum spoke out against the ban and many of them said they were willing to take in any people into their country affected by the ban. Democrats, religious leaders, academics, business executives and unions alike spoke up against the ban. Many American airports saw thousands or protesters voicing their dismay over the executive order. There is even an army of American lawyers working pro-bono to help any travelers affected by the travel ban. Then on Saturday night, the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, an AFL-CIO affiliated non-profit organization representing New York taxi drivers joined in on the protests and announced a work stoppage at JFK International Airport.

Uber tweeted immediately, stating they would turn off surge pricing and will continue service to JFK International Airport but wait times may be longer. Surge pricing is an automatic rate increase when the demand is higher for drivers in an area. The purpose of this is to ensure reliability and availability for those who agree to pay a bit more. Then Social Justice Warriors (SJW) came in with their over reaction. They targeted Uber as supporting the ban, taking advantage of the situation to make a profit and strike breaking the cause. Their answer: #DeleteUber. So, in my opinion, SJW has taken what has become a truly a brilliant and motivating scene of people banding together to protest and voice their concerns for people of a different culture and religion and willingness to accept them into their country into something shamefully petty.

What Uber was doing was giving normal travelers an option to go home. In fact, turning off surge pricing was beneficial to those stranded at the airport due to the taxi work stoppage because now they do not need to pay extra to go home. In an airport packed with thousands of protesters, amidst the chaos and after a long flight, some people just want to go home and now because Uber has given them that option, they are suddenly the villain? If they were trying to profit during this, they would have kept surge pricing and increase the rate even more. Allowing stranded people to go home is not strike breaking. Forcing inconvenience on regular people which has no connection to the ban is absolutely pointless and counter productive. Just to be sure, I am in no way condemning the protests, in fact, I truly support their cause because the executive order from President Trump is an absolute joke which has no concrete facts to support it. In fact Americans are more likely to be shot and killed by another American than face foreign terror acts. What I do condemn is SJW's over-reaction. It is absolutely petty and has no merit.

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