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A lot of people enjoy the freedom of having a car rental when they are travelling. Whether it is for business or vacation, a rewards program will help benefit those that are always renting vehicles.




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1. Enterprise

Reward programs work bests when there are a lot of locations to select from, with 6250 and almost 1.2 million cars, their presence can be felt anywhere you go. This scale bests all the other competitors. The "Enterprise Plus" rewards program is a dollar spent is a point earned basis. The required points for a rental are dependent on the dates of travel and vehicle used, but it can be as low as 400 points. Your points never expire and there are no blackout dates. The best part about Enterprise is the more often you rent in a year; you'll earn a level of status. A renter reaches "Silver" status after renting six times a year and this level offers a 10% increase in your total points earned. Become a "Gold" status member by renting 12 times a year or 40 days total and get another 20% boost in earned points. The highest level "Platinum" status requires 24 rentals a year or 85 days total which offers 20% boost to your points. Dollars spent on taxes and surcharges, vehicle license fees, airport-related fees, insurance costs, fuel purchase option and refueling don't earn points. "Qualifying dollars" are the value spent on time and mileage, paid upgrades and additional add-ons.

2. Hertz

Hertz is the second largest car rental business in the market in the US. With 5140 locations and half a million cars, they can still compete with Enterprise. Just like Enterprise's rewards program it is based on dollar spent basis. However, their definition of a "qualifying dollar" is broader; you are able to earn points on fuel purchases, upgrades and insurance coverage options. Hertz allows renters renting seven to 19 times per year (or spending $1,500 - $3999) earn a 10% bonus on total earned points plus an addition 675 bonus points after every 15 rentals. Hertz's free rental day starts at 550 points.

3. Avis

Avis is third on the list for locations and size of their fleet. "Avis Preferred" members earn one point for every dollar spent plus two points for every dollar spent on accessories. After renting 12 times a year or spend $5000, "Avis Preferred Plus" members earned 1.25 points for every dollar spent and 2.5 points per dollar on accessories. To achieve the top tier benefits, a renter must spend $7000 or rent 25 times a year which will provide 1.5 points for every dollar and 3 points per dollar spent on accessories. Points last up to 5 years for active members. Avis is the most expensive of the big names and there is no clear minimum points needed to earn a free day so do not be too surprised when Enterprise and Hertz offer free rentals a lot earlier than Avis users.

4. National

National offers a completely different look on their rewards program. Their program offers credits which are earned by each continuous four day rental. Meaning an 8 day rental will earn the user 2 credits. This type of program is attractive for those who seldom travel. Seven credits earn a user one free day. "Executive" status is achieved after 12 paid rentals or 40 paid rental days in a calendar year which allows you to rent a day at the cost of 6 credits. "Executive Elite Members" are for those who purchased 25 rentals or 85 paid rental days in a calendar year which allows you to redeem a rental for 5 credits.

5. Zipcar

Zipcar is only conventional for those who rarely use a vehicle. For example, renting a Toyota Carolla for 1.5 hours including taxes only cost $19 for Zipcar where as it would have cost $36 at Hertz. But after a week of rental, Zipcar would be charging $636 vs Hertz' $182. Their rewards program is just as unconventional, there is no reward system but instead Zipcar users are offered various savings on different businesses that are both national chains as well as smaller local spots. Zipcar members can get up to 25% off Avis or Budget rentals for longer duration needs. Also members receive discounts of 10-20% on local eateries, gyms, retailers and other venues.


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