The future of Wi-Fi and your car

Date: 3 OCT 2016posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

Wi-Fi in vehicles, whether from the factory model or in aftermarket devise are expected to reach 61 million per year by 2020. This just like the when the cell phone market was revolutionized will create the boom of an era of consumer services and applications for vehicles. Over the next few years, the total number of connected cars and trucks will reach as high as 220 million, a huge market to drive the delivery of digital content such as streaming music, videos, navigation and location-based services. These location based services will be able to direct drivers to, and pay for parking spaces, refueling payments and other services. Connected vehicles will also be a part of the new growing market of car rentals, car-sharing and ride-sharing services. Internet-connected vehicles will be able to tell the fleet owner the exact distance travelled, location, fuel usage and in the worst case scenario if an accident occurred. Over the last several years, the insurance industry has been utilizing this technology and offer discounted premiums when drivers agree to plug dongles into their vehicles which allow insurers to track a vehicle's driving history. With the age of autonomous driving ahead of us, it is only possible with the surge of Wi-Fi connected vehicles. Vehicles can be picked up exactly where the renter wants to pick it up and they can leave the vehicle whenever they are done with it and have it return automatically. With all the new technology coming out, improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions will also be a part of the transition.

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