Audi On Demand launches in the UK

Date: 3 SEP 2018posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

Audi On Demand is the auto manufacturer's own car-sharing program. And while it is still in its infancy stages, it has expanded into the U.K. The company announced on Monday that they will start their pilot program in Manchester but will have expanded to multiple cities before the year ends. Edinburgh and Glasgow this month, followed by London, Birmingham and Newcastle by the end of 2018.

Their program allows registered users to select loan dates and the type of vehicle they wish to drive. From there the vehicle can either be picked up at an Audi Center or it can be delivered within a 30-minute radius of the hub. To ensure smooth transition while picking up the vehicle, a QR code generated while booking can be flashed for immediate access to the vehicle. As of right now, the cars and SUVs included are the A1, A3, S3, S5, Q3 and Q. And as for cost, prices vary from £70 (about $90) to £190 (about $240) per day dependent on the level of membership the user has subscribed to.

However, included in the price is unlimited mileage, insurance and roadside assistance. Users have the option to rent the vehicle for as short of a duration of an hour or as long as 28 days. Audi On Demand currently operates in China, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and one city in the U.S. And while Audi launched its pilot in North Carolina in 2016, it is only available in San Francisco.

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