Car Rental Legislation targets "21st Century weapons of terror"

Date: 4 FEB 2018posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

Rep. Josh Gottheimer announced legislation he plans to introduce that will require car rental companies to share information on renters with federal agencies. The announcement comes from the steps of where a memorial will be placed for Darren Drake, a man killed in a NYC terror attack last October. The proposal is meant to help prevent terror attacks be identifying renters who may be likely to use vehicles as weapons. He described to the vans and trucks terrorists rented to carry out their attacks as "low cost, high impact... 21st Century weapons of terror." The Uzbek national which carried out the attack, rented a Home Depot truck and drove it into Manhattan where he plowed into people, ultimately killing eight. "We all need to come together for Darren, for the Drakes, for our broader Jersey community and out country."

The proposed bill would require car rental agencies and dealers to share renters' personal information with the FBI and National Counter terrorism Center in an effort to identify potential terrorists before they attack. Federal cases on any matching suspects would be reopened. The car rental agencies would be required to hand over the renter's name, home address, driver's license number and the registration, make, model and license plate of the vehicle they plan to use. FBI would be required to notify and work with the proper Joint Terrorism Task Force if a potential terror suspects rents a vehicle. It would also establish an anti-terrorism grant program at the Department of Homeland Security. Spokespersons from car rental companies, which includes Home Depot, Budget Car Rental, Hertz and Enterprise did not immediately return requests for comments.

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