CVG plans for new $150M car rental facility

Date: 4 FEB 2018posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport has seen a recent boom of not just travelers pass by their terminals but also cargo. With the new influx, the airport has decided on a new project for a $150 million consolidated car rental facility. Similar to the San Antonio $178m consolidated rental car facility which opened earlier this year, the project aims to consolidate all the car rental companies into one area which will boost traveler convenience and reduce overall traffic.

The plans begin in February where crews will begin by building a new exit plaza outside the existing short-term parking garage next to the terminal. Once completed, the next phase will see the current area used for exit lanes and pay booths to be converted into extra parking spaces. By Summer the construction of a new entrance road to the terminal will begin. This new roadway will offer commuters a shorter route to the terminal which will replace the the current winding road past the demolished sites of the airports first two terminals. The phase after will see the Terminal 2 parking garage razed and be replaced by the new road. The new road is expected to be completed in the spring of 2019 at which time the construction will begin for the new car rental facility.

The new facility is expected to be completed in mid-2021. The planned 1.4 million-square-foot facility will house all the of the airport's car rental vendors and their needs under one roof. The recent boom saw the airport serve 7.8 million passengers last year, the most since 2010. Officials also reported a new record for local passenger traffic in December. The number was 308,446 or about a 21 percent increase over the same month in 2016. Total passenger traffic for 2017 was up by 16 percent. The increase has been attributed to the fourth consecutive year of airfares being lowered, an average of $250 less per ticket than they did in 2014. Aside from passengers, the airport saw more than 1million tons of cargo pass through the airport for the first time in the airport's history.

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