Does your rental car allow others to spy on you?

Date: 4 OCT 2016posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

With the new age of technology being so user friendly, all it takes is for you to plug in your smart phone into the USB of the vehicle and all your information will be sync'd. You could receive your phone calls, have the vehicle read out its texts, let you know when you receive an e-mail and there are lots of tools which help you in this new age. But what if the car you are driving is a rental? Because the car itself is not self-aware of it being a rental car, it will just store all your information you transferred from your phone. Could be a lot of personal information, from e-mails, texts and even your home address. Some people avoid the hassle altogether by not using the provided USB port and not sync'ing their phone to the car when charging. But what is the point of shelling out that extra $50-$100 for a luxury vehicle and you're not going to full immerse yourself in the experience? It is so important that you delete all your information off the car. Go into the infotainment system's settings menu to find a list of devices that have been paired with the system. Locate your device and follow the prompts to delete it. If you need more information, check the owner's manual and the rental company will have more information on how to delete your data. Do enjoy the luxury car rental, but make sure you always protect your information.

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