Used cars for sale could have been an Uber

Date: 4 OCT 2016posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

In Canada, each province has their own list of disclosures auto dealers have to give to the potential customer when selling a used car. They may have to disclose if it has been a rental car, from a taxi company, police services, emergency vehicle and the list goes on but not if it was an Uber ride. A dealer is obligated to disclose any facts that could be expected to influence the decision of a reasonable buyer or lessee. It is to no surprise that the legislation has been behind on this issue since a lot of cities are still debating whether to allow Uber to operate or not. Some cities have allowed Uber to operate and are in the process of repealing their license to operate. The law to disclose is only applied to registered auto dealers and not to private sellers. So if you're buying a car through a friend or a friend or from an online source such a kijiji, the seller doesn't have to tell you if it was a taxi or rental car. So right now, some people may rethink about purchasing a second hand car that may have been an Uber ride, but it may not affect some people. To most people the mileage and condition of the car is the only important information when purchasing a second hand car.

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