BlueSG hits a milestone only to be followed by some speed bumps

Date: 5 JAN 2018posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

Singapore's first electric car-sharing firm BlueSG hit a major milestone with over 3300 members registering and over 5000 rentals within the first three weeks of operation. Singapore, the island city-state off the coast of Malaysia, is home to over 5.6 million people. The company launched on Dec 12th with 80 vehicles and 32 charging stations. Their goal was to release an additional 30 vehicles and 10 charging stations before the end of 2017. The final goal is to expand their fleet to 1000 electric vehicles with an additional 2000 charging stations by 2020. BlueSG is a subsidiary of French transport firm, the Bollore Group and if they reach their goal, will be the world's second biggest electric car-sharing company right after the one in Paris which boasts a fleet of over 4000 electric vehicles. The business model is similar to most car sharing programs. However, instead of being charged by distance, BlueSG charges based on duration. Registered users can subscribe to a monthly rate of S$15 ($11.30) a month with a reduced rental rate of S$0.33 per minute or go with a flat rate of $0.50 per minute. The emergence of the new electric car sharing program is no coincidence since car ownership is extremely expensive. Back in October, in an attempt to ease extreme traffic congestion and the growing air pollution problem, the government had decided to limit the amount of vehicles allowed to operate in the country as of February 2018. In theory, electric car sharing is the solution to Singapore's transportation. If car ownership is too expensive, car rentals are still expensive and not practical for running day to day errands. But a day after BlueSG announced their initial success, pictures surfaced of how poorly the public has treated the vehicles. Images of the electric cars with scraps and dents have surfaced due to poor drivers. Other images shows grass and mud on the leather seats showing poor upkeep of the vehicles. There was even an image of "hey faulty!!!" scrawled on the dust on the hood of a vehicle. A spokesperson commented "For cars not being able to turn on, after investigation, most cases were drivers not realizing the cars were already turned on as the car is totally silent." With such poor treatment of the vehicles, many observers wonder if the city state are ready to share vehicles. So while in its infant stages, it may be wiser for vacationers to use car rentals instead.

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