Car Rental Companies taking advantage of electronic tolling

Date: 5 JAN 2018posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

Car rental motorists have been charged additional fees for handling electronic tolls or been forced to pay unreasonable administrative fees for each toll. Most of the major car rental companies such as Hertz, Dollar, Avis, Budget and Payless offer customers two options when it comes to tolls. Either the renter can subscribe to the company for handling electronic tolling, which does not cover the cost of the tolls itself, or waive the service and be held liable for the cost of the tolls with the addition of absurd administrative fees. Hertz charges $4.95 a day for their service, up to a maximum of $24.75 per rental not including the tolls itself at cash rate or the "highest undiscounted toll rate." Avis charges $3.95 a day for their services for a maximum of $19.75 a month and it will charge the renter daily after the first toll, even if they do not cross any more toll gates. Dollar charges a $15 administrative fee on top of every toll if the renter opts out of their tolling service, for a maximum of $90 per rental period. In Florida, renters have been given the opportunity to file a claim against three rental companies for wrongfully charging them for their e-toll services. Renters from Avis Budget Car Rental System LLC, which owns Avis, Budget and Payless car rental have been automatically charging customers for their e-toll services if they did not pay the toll in cash. According to the settlement agreement reached by Florida Attorney General's Office, the car rental companies must disclose to their customers that they would be charged a daily fee for their e-toll services. Many of their customers, which were not locals, did not know they could avoid these e-toll roads or use routes that accepted cash tolls. Most of those motorists were under the misconception that the only way to pay for the e-tolls was through the car rental company's system. More than a million refunds have already been returned so far. While some of these companies has expressed the fees are to offset the time and labor costs associated with handling toll violations which required identifying the correct renter and account, most of the fees have actually been passed from the tolling agencies.

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