Car Rental firms cutting ties with NRA see negative responses from Republicans

Date: 6 MAR 2018posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

Since the Parkland, Florida high school shooting which left 17 people killed, 14 of which were teenagers, many prominent companies unsatisfied with the lack of changes in gun regulation have ended their business relationship with the NRA. However, according to a recent poll many those very same companies are seeing a backlash from cutting those ties from the NRA. The survey conducted with 2201 US adults between Feb 23-25th found an increase of negative views after they learned of the businesses severing ties with the NRA. The poll's margin of error is plus or minus 2 percentage points.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Car Rental and National Car Rental were some of the car rental companies that along with Norton Antivirus, LifeLock, MetLife, and SimpliSafe that were surveyed. Before the announcements of cutting ties with the NRA, Enterprise saw the highest favorability at +49 with +50 rating among Republicans and +59 among Democrats. After cutting the ties the car rental giant saw their favorability rating drop to +25 with 59 point swing with Republicans dropping to -9 while Democrats increased their favorability to +64. The increase in +5 within the Democrats was unable to balance the huge 59 point swing from the Republicans that were polled. Similarly Alamo was at a +30 favorability rating prior. The company had a +34 favorability rating among the Republicans and +33 favorability rating among the Democrats. The car rental company saw a dip to +19 favorability rating with again a major swing of 50 points among the Republicans of -16 and a huge increase favorability among the Democrats of a rise of 24 points to +57. Once again the rise of popularity and favorability among the Democrats were unable to balance the unfavorability within the Republicans polled.

National Car Rental's favorability almost mirrored Alamo's poll results. At +29 prior to dropping to +18 after the poll. Among Republicans +35 prior and dropping to -18 favorability. The Democrats polled were exactly the same with +33 prior and +57 after. All the other companies that were surveyed all saw similar results with a rise in favorability among the Democrats but saw a huge decrease among Republicans. In the long run, some experts believe these companies will see more positive goodwill from disaffiliating with the NRA than being silent or supporting them in an age where companies want to attract a politically engaged demographics.

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