Gatwick the first British Airport to introduce peer-to-peer car rental

Date: 7 MAR 2018posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

Gatwick Airport is a major international airport in south-east England and has become the first airport to offer a peer-to-peer car rental service which allows people to rent out their vehicles while they're away traveling. The new 'Rent & Earn' service is offered in partnership with the startup Car & Away. It has completed a successful trial period and will be available alongside existing long-term parking options at the airport.

After registering for the service via the Gatwick parking website, the owner is provided with information about Car & Away's criteria and the renting process. While enrolled in the service, their vehicle will also receive a mini valet service, regardless of whether it is booked for hire while parked at the airport. To be renters can find Car & Away's available vehicles through the company's partner when searching for rental cars from the airport. Small vehicle owners can expect to earn up to £80 per week, while owners of larger or luxurious vehicles can expect to earn up to twice that amount. Car & Away also ensures all vehicles are full insured, cleaned and meet RAC approved vehicle road worthiness checks before being offered to renters. Upon return, the vehicle is subjected through the same checking process and will wait for the owner or another renter in Car & Away's dedicated parking bays.

Gary Wallace, Gatwick Airport's Head of Car Parking said "We are always searching for ways to provide new, innovative and ground breaking services so we are pleased to be hosting this exciting new scheme with Car & Away. The new service offers passengers an alternative option when it comes to renting vehicles from the airport and gives them a chance to offset their parking costs." He continues "our goal is to help as many people as possible to travel for less, in a convenient way, and airport peer-to-peer car sharing services are another way or achieving this." Andy Hibbert, Founder & CEO of Car & Away, "for renters we provide a great alternative service that saves time, money and provides you with the exact car you book - not a 'similar' one. Our early customer feedback really shows up why these things matter. When it comes to renting cars, together with our partners, we provide a service where everyone wins."

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