GAVDA fights to protect control of vehicle data

Date: 7 SEP 2018posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

The newly formed alliance Global Alliance for Vehicle Data Access (GAVDA)is a network of fleet associations, telematics providers and the country's largest car rental provider organized to ask the Federal Trade Commission for a public hearing to help clarify who will control access to vehicle data.

According to their website, the alliance describes themselves as: "The GAVDA is a diverse group of global stakeholders and thought leaders united by a common goal of maintaining control by motor vehicle owners over personal and vehicle-generated data. This common goal is to be achieved by preserving and enhancing the current vehicle data environment of open, secure, technology-neutral and direct access by vehicle owners to real-time data. GAVDA promotes a data access model that provides for vehicle owner control (including access by parties authorized by the vehicle owner), ensures full and fair competition, protects personal privacy, advances data security, and enables the appropriate use of data analytics driven by public interest."

Vehicle data has been a hot topic lately. While drivers want their privacy, some vehicle manufacturers have already begun operations in which they control the data from their sold vehicles and have been able to monetize from it. Ford formed Ford Commercial Services, a mobility segment of their company which serve data verified by Ford engineers from an open-platform cloud server. The segment already made agreements with telematics providers Geotab, Spireon and Verizon Connect. In 2014, auto manufacturers agreed to allow independent repair shops access to diagnostic data after several states passed "right to repair" laws. The next year, Congress had decided that data from vehicle event data recorders is owned and controlled by the owner of the vehicle.

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