Viral Video Gets a Man a Car

Date: 8 DEC 2016posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

A video of a man riding a scooter down the Queen Elizabeth II Highway in the middle of a snow storm on Sunday went viral this week. Filmed by a Calgary realtor Kim Star in a 26-second video, shows a man trying to drive his scooter in ice and snow covered asphalt with blowing winds. For those who are not familiar with weather in Calgary, it boasts as the sunniest city in Canada, getting 332.93 days of sunshine a year. However, the city is nestled in the mountains and is situated at 1045 m (3428 ft) above sea level, thus the winter season is very harsh and unforgiving. For those who have lived in Calgary, they will understand that living in Calgary exposes residents to the extremes of both hot summers and extremely cold winters.

Since the video was posted on Facebook, Star has learned the man is the breadwinner for his cash-strapped family and has no other option of getting to work. He is currently supporting his mother - who is unable to work - and his two nieces. Once this was revealed, the community has come together to help the man out. A GoFundMe page started by Calgary's Virgin Radio has reached almost $7000 of their $15,000 goal since this post was written. And the Airdrie Wives Facebook group was gathering goods and making plans to fill the family's freezer. Today, Automaxx Automotive in Calgary has donated a 2010 Dodge Charger SXT AWD to help the man. Chris Thin, general manager of Automaxx Automotive said "We knew right away we had to help."

The GoFundMe page wich was formally set up by Tyler Hall of Virgin radio, said it's been a tough year living in Calgary and in a weird way the video is really hitting people to give. Calgary has seen a major cut in jobs over the last few years as the growth of the city was dependent on the oil sands. With no obstruction to limit the amount of oil produced by rival markets, saw oil prices go from $150 a barrel to $30 a barrel. Thousands of people have been laid off in this turbulent time. The 34-year old on the scooter has his name kept quiet to protect his privacy and that of his mom who he's taking care of. The scooter is a means to an end said one of his friends, because a cheap vehicle means more money going to his family, rather than to a car.

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