Miami Gardens offers rentals for guns

Date: 8 MAY 2018posted by Car Rentaledited by WinX

Luxury car rental company 305 Elite has offered the community the opportunity to trade in guns for car rentals. Rashawn Welch, the owner of the exotic car rental company is hoping to make his community a little safer with his unique offer. "We have the G Wagon Mercedes and we have a Rolls-Royce Ghost," said Welch. These are just some of the luxury vehicles that anyone can rent for free in exchange for a gun.

Welch has even extended the offer to high schoolers looking for a car rental for prom. "You turn in a gun, we'll turn around and give you a car for prom," Welch announced. "You won't have to use your mother's money, your father's money." Using Instagram as his main medium to promote his event, Welch has made fighting gun violence amount youth his top priority. The business owner also leads an organization called Cease Fire Now. "What we do is we bring up to the police department, let them check it out, and make sure everything is good." Miami Gardens Police Assistant Chief J.D. Patterson said "we're going to make ourselves a safer community for these types of weapons to be taken off the street, especially if they're illegal."

The police department has been working closely with Welch, taking the guns into their possession and later destroying them. A typical car rental at 305 Elite runs upwards of $900 for 24 hours, but Welch said in the end, its all worth it. "If that's all I can do, to give them this sweet ride and get this gun off the street, I'll get 100 cars to get 100 guns off the street," he said. Welch will be offering the program all year round.

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